The inspiration has to come from somewhere.

When I grew up, my Dad made his own aquavit, infused with all kinds of botanicals. This always intrigued me, loving the different smells and colors.

Once I got older I made my own vodka shots, using different kind of infusions; typical for the teen age, often resulting in heavy hangovers.

When I got wiser I started creating my own syrups, infusions and garnishes, making for more complex and experimenting recipes and creations. The hangovers are still there but way more subtle.

I thought it would be fun to share my cocktail creations, so that others could be inspired by it and hopefully not make the same “mistakes” as I did during my start-up. 

As Charlie Parker once said; 

“First you learn your instrument.  Then you practice, practice, practice.  And then, when you finally get up on that bandstand, forget all that and just wail.”

It’s impossible to know everything about a field. Instead it’s a constant learning and refinement process, getting as much inspiration as possible from others and try to work them yourself, making your own experiences and learnings.

The brilliant Mixologist studies the world, which is reflected in his drinks.

The best way to start this adventure is to create and invent, while learning from other Mixologists.

Start with the simple things, and then proceed from there.

Shooting Cocktails for Social Medias


Always seek the option to use Natural Lighting!

Lighting is key in order to take gorgeous looking captures and always get people’s attention.

Whether you shoot with your Smartphone or Camera, lighting plays the vital role.

Seek out the closest window/door etc. and prepare your captures there. A table with some reflective surface works wonders, and then simply put the cocktail on the table and “walk around it”.

Look for where the light hits the cocktail the best, and as you prefer it – this is the angle you want to shoot from.

If you have some kind of reflector (white cardboard, white shirt or additional lighting) you want that “light” to come from the side of the cocktail, enhancing the effects even more.


Intense bright and colourful Cocktails works the best. “Brown” cocktails tend to never get as much attention as the colourful ones – regardless of what actually tastes the best.

Think about colour contrasts. A bright and intense red coloured Cosmopolitan, for example, with a bright green lime garnish have a fantastic appeal to the viewer.

Clear cocktails, instead of “muddy and foggy” cocktails, works the best – if you prioritize what “looks good on Social Media”.

Personally, I prefer what tastes the best, but at the same time, looks appealing and inviting for the viewer.

If you have a “muddy and foggy” cocktail at hand, try to garnish it with something that draws attention; an edible pretty flower, a dehydrated citrus garnish etc. 

Just remember; it should always be about the taste!


Now focus on the cocktail with your camera and snap away. Try different angles and distances. Often getting up close and personal to the cocktail works the best.

Think also about backgrounds.

When taking the captures close to the cocktail, you will often get a nice and blurry background. You want the background to be there, but not take over the shot and confuse the viewer. Place some props (such as bar tools, bottles, plants etc.) but don’t overdo it.

You want the focus to be on the cocktail, but setting the right kind of “mood” is key!


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